Dancing Siva. Lord Siva is often depicted as Natarajah in the form of the Cosmic Dancer. The whole universe is in tune with the dance of the Lord. The dance is timed by the tempo of the universe, the seasons in the regularity, and the planets in their courses. Lord Siva in dancing form is shown with four hands. One hand holds a small drum by the sound of which he determines the time and the pulse of manifestation, evolution and renewal of the universe. In another hand are the flames which consume things in their eternal destiny. Third hand is Abhaya Mudra while the forth hand pointing downwards to the foot which represents the eternal moksha or muththi. The other foot is firmly established crushing the demom dwarf Muyalaka. Siva worship existed 4000 B.C. in Indus Valley civilization according to archeological evidence, the first historical signs of Saivaism, although it was more evident in the Indus Valley civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro during 3000 B.C. The famous festivals are Sivarathiri in the month of Maasy (February-March) and Aruthira Thansanam (Thiruvembavai) in Markazi (December – January).